Ashley Shults

3rd Grade Teacher

423-623-3811 x 303

Courses Taught:

3rd Grade Math

2nd Grade

Ashley Shults


Bachelor's Degree: ETSU in Elementary Education (K-6) 

Master's Degree: Bethel University (Curriculum and Instruction)

Mrs. Shults's 2022-2023 Homeroom Class List

*Will be announced at a later date!


WELCOME TO 3RD GRADE! I can't wait to meet each of you! I am looking forward to an amazing year!


Supply List

Mrs. Shults's 3rd Grade Supply List


Your child will need the following:

-1 box of tissues

-1 regular or large hand sanitizer

-Clorox wipes

-Ziplock Bags(boys=quart and girls=gallon)

-2 rolls of paper towels (one is for STEM Lab)

- Ear Buds (2 pairs of cheap ones will be great! )

-Big Smile and positive attitude....these will be returned!




These things are not required but are appreciated.


- colored copy paper (8.5x11) (20lb)

-spray can of disinfectant

-Bic red pens

-band aids

-ring pops

-individually wrapped candy

-treasure chest surprises (hot wheels, McDonald's toys, little lotions, stickers, gel pens, etc.)


Please do not send the following:

hand held pencil sharpeners, fancy erasers, or pens. These items tend to become toys and are a distraction.

Dress Code

Grades 3-8: Shirts and blouses must have sleeves and should fit appropriately (not excessively oversized). Extremely low or revealing necklines will not be permitted, and midriffs, belly buttons, and lower backs must be covered. Clothing shall not be made of see through or mesh materials. Students must wear proper undergarments that are not visible. 


Shorts/skirts will be worn at or below the knee and must fit appropriately, if leggings are worn, tops/skirts must be worn at or below fingertips. No cut-off jean shorts are allowed. No holes (revealing skin or undergarments) will be allowed in pants or shorts above the knee. If holes exist, tights must be worn underneath-no visible skin.


The consequence for violation of the dress code will be the same as the consequences for violation of other general school rules.


Homework Hotline 615-298-6636

Upcoming Events

  •  August 5- Student Registration from 8:00-10:00
  • August 9- First full day for students