Courtney Graham

5th Grade Science teacher

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Courses Taught:

5th Grade Science

Courtney Graham


     I have been a teacher at Newport Grammar since 1996. I went to the University Of Tennessee and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History. I went on to receive my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from the University Of Tennessee as well. Even though I majored in History in college, my true love has always been Science. I have taught Science for the majority of my career. Science is all around us and it amazes me constantly. I also just enjoy teaching. This is the thing that I was meant to do. I am and have always been proud to be part of the Newport Grammar School family.

     My husband is Jay Graham. He is a farmer. I have two children, Will and Bella. I love being a part of all that they do and watching them grow into young adults has been the joy of my life! I have a large extended family and we are as close as a family could possibly be. I also am passionate about my dogs, UT sports, and the Boston Celtics.

What you will need



The items listed below are items you will need to purchase:

  • Corded or cordless computer mouse for personal use with Chromebook

  •  1½ in binder (Science)

  •  1½ in binder (Math)

  •  2 sets of binder tab dividers

  • Ziploc bags:  girls(quart size);  boys(gallon size)

There is NO need to purchase the following items because they will be provided by the school:

* zipper pouch

   * pair of scissors 

 *small sharpener 

 * No.2 pencils                                     

*  small box of colored pencils 

 *  highlighter  

 * earbuds to be kept at school at all  times 

*cap erasers 

  *composition notebooks

The items below are wishlist items for community use in classrooms. The purchase of these items is optional and greatly appreciated.

*  Small bag of cough drops  

* Disinfectant spray  

 * Band-aids 

 * Hand Sanitizer  

  * Clorox/Lysol wipes 

  * Disinfectant spray

 *  Pack of multicolored copy paper

Have a fun and safe Summer!

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5th grade Summer Reading List may be found on Carla Sexton's webpage

Homework hotline 615-298-6636

2022-23 Class List coming soon