Jayla Ragan

Job Title

1st Grade

(423) 623-3811

Ext. 314

Courses Taught:


Kindergarten Assistant 2016-2020

Special Education Assistant 2020-2023

Bachelors in General Studies from University of the Cumberlands

Present: Masters in Education from Tusculum University



H! My name is Jayla Ragan. I am so excited to be your 1st grader’s teacher this year.
I was born and raised in Newport and was a member of NGS from K-8th grade. I live in Parrottsville with my husband, Casey and our son, Riley. We also have a Siberian Husky named Skye. In my free time, I enjoy binge watching television shows, spending time with my family, and traveling. 

2nd Quarter ELA Essential Questions: 

WRITING FOCUS: Informational Writings

SS UNIT: Citizenship Unit and Change Over Time Unit

Wonders Unit 2 Essential Questions:

Week of 10/23/23

Unit 2 Week 3 Story → At a Pond

Where do animals live together?

What are possessive nouns?

Reading Skills: Main Idea and Key Details

Spelling Pattern: nd, sk, nk word families

Week of 10/30/23

Unit 2 Week 4 Story → Nell’s Books

How do people help out in a community?

What are the elements of fiction, especially fantasies?

What are nouns, esp. common and proper nouns?

What are syllables?

Reading Skills: Visualize, Key Details, Plot

Spelling Pattern: th, sh, ng word families


Week of 11/6/23

Unit 2 Week 5 Story → Follow the Map

How can you find your way around?

What are plural nouns? How should you add -s or -es to a word to make it plural?

Reading Skills: Ask & Answer Questions, Character, Setting, Problem and Solution

Spelling Pattern: ch, tch, wh, ph word families

Wonders Unit 3 Essential Questions: 

Week of 11/13/23

Unit 3 Week 1 Story → On My Way to School

How do we measure time?

How do I use commas in a series?

How do I use past and present tense verbs?

Reading Skills: Fantasy, Onomatopoeias, Character/Setting/Plot

Spelling Pattern: Long a: a, a_e

Week of 11/20/23

Unit 3 Week 2 Story → The Big Yuca Plant

How do plants change as they grow?

How should I use present and past tense verbs?

How do I distinguish between singular and plural nouns?

Reading Skills: Fantasy, Make and Confirm Predictions, Plot and Sequence

Spelling Pattern: Long i: i_e

Week of 12/4/23

Unit 3 Week 3 Story → The Gingerbread Man

What is a folktale?

What is a verb? What is subject-verb agreement?

What is past tense? What is future tense?

How can I use commas correctly?

Reading Skills: Plot, Cause/Effect, Dictionary Skills

Spelling Pattern: Soft c and g

Week of 1/8/23

Unit 3 Week 4 Story → Long Ago and Now

How is life different than it was long ago?

How can I use commas in dates?

When should I use is? are?

Reading Skills: Compare and Contrast within Text; Fact or Opinion; Nonfiction

Spelling Pattern: Long o: o_e; Long u: u_e; Long e: e_e


Important Dates:

October 27-Hat Day

October 31-Halloween Costume and Candy Parade

November 1- Fun Fall Centers

November 2-Parent/Teacher Conference

November 21-Early Dismissal @ 1:00

November 22-24- NO School/ Thanksgiving Break

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