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First Grade Teacher

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Courses Taught:

First Grade General Education

Jean De Lisle

Welcome to First Grade

2nd Quarter ELA Essential Questions: 

WRITING FOCUS: Informational Writings

SS UNIT: Citizenship Unit and Change Over Time Unit

Wonders Unit 2 Essential Questions:

Week of 10/23/23

Unit 2 Week 3 Story → At a Pond

Where do animals live together?

What are possessive nouns?

Reading Skills: Main Idea and Key Details

Spelling Pattern: nd, sk, nk word families

Week of 10/30/23

Unit 2 Week 4 Story → Nell’s Books

How do people help out in a community?

What are the elements of fiction, especially fantasies?

What are nouns, esp. common and proper nouns?

What are syllables?

Reading Skills: Visualize, Key Details, Plot

Spelling Pattern: th, sh, ng word families


Week of 11/6/23

Unit 2 Week 5 Story → Follow the Map

How can you find your way around?

What are plural nouns? How should you add -s or -es to a word to make it plural?

Reading Skills: Ask & Answer Questions, Character, Setting, Problem and Solution

Spelling Pattern: ch, tch, wh, ph word families

Wonders Unit 3 Essential Questions: 

Week of 11/13/23

Unit 3 Week 1 Story → On My Way to School

How do we measure time?

How do I use commas in a series?

How do I use past and present tense verbs?

Reading Skills: Fantasy, Onomatopoeias, Character/Setting/Plot

Spelling Pattern: Long a: a, a_e

Week of 11/20/23

Unit 3 Week 2 Story → The Big Yuca Plant

How do plants change as they grow?

How should I use present and past tense verbs?

How do I distinguish between singular and plural nouns?

Reading Skills: Fantasy, Make and Confirm Predictions, Plot and Sequence

Spelling Pattern: Long i: i_e

Week of 12/4/23

Unit 3 Week 3 Story → The Gingerbread Man

What is a folktale?

What is a verb? What is subject-verb agreement?

What is past tense? What is future tense?

How can I use commas correctly?

Reading Skills: Plot, Cause/Effect, Dictionary Skills

Spelling Pattern: Soft c and g

Week of 1/8/23

Unit 3 Week 4 Story → Long Ago and Now

How is life different than it was long ago?

How can I use commas in dates?

When should I use is? are?

Reading Skills: Compare and Contrast within Text; Fact or Opinion; Nonfiction

Spelling Pattern: Long o: o_e; Long u: u_e; Long e: e_e


First Grade Requires: Endurance, Focus, Kindness and Fun!! Get ready for a year when we all will grow!

 I appreciate you                    ready                    you are essential

My Class List:


Paul C.

Crixus C..

Joshua M.

Drexel E.

Korbyn N.

Zayden C.

Jaxon E.


Eleanor D.

Maddelyn V.

Ruby W.

Kyrie W.

Mallory R.

 Lydia S.

Isabella W.

Kennedy S.

Aurora. C


Supply List

  • 3 boxes of Kleenex
  • Boys:2 boxes of sandwich ziploc bags
  • Girls: 2 boxes of gallon size bags
  • HEADPHONES for individual use for Chrome books (not ear buds) -These are difficult to stay in a student's ear. 
  • WATER BOTTLE/PLASTIC with student name and flip top
  • Thin black EXPO markers

Please do not send anything other than what is on this list. The school is providing our school supplies this year. 

A BIG smile and positive attitude -These will be returned.


Watercolor trays


Classroom Wish List:

Classroom donations are always appreciated, but not expected. Thank you so much in advance for donating to our class. The following items are needed continuously throughout the school year:

-Mr. Sketch markers

TEACHER Flair Pens


-Treasure box items (Happy meal toys, erasers, small toys, etc.)

-Astro bright colored paper

Colored outdoor chalk/ bubbles

-Snack donations as you wish

-Individually wrapped candy












There is a newsletter and homework pack sent in the YELLOW Folder every week.

    Reading each night

    Math counting and 1-120

    Journal Written Expression








Homework Hotline 615-298-6636

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