Jeannie Pittman

Fourth Grade Science Teacher

423 623-3811 ext.245

Courses Taught:

Fourth Grade Science


BAED: East Tennessee State University 2002

Master's Degree in Education: Tusculum College 2011 

Education Specialist: Lincoln Memorial University 2012 

4th Grade Science 2003-2004

2nd Grade: 2004-2005

4th Grade Science: 2005-present


Current Science Standards

August 2023-September 1

We are learning about the organisms in an ecosystem. Students will be able to describe the function of producers, consumers, and decomposers. We will begin to learn how to read food chain and food webs.   




Dress Code:

GRADES 4-8:  

  • Shirts and blouses must fit appropriately (not excessively oversized.)  Extremely low or revealing necklines will not be permitted, and midriffs, belly buttons, and lower backs must be covered.  

  • Clothing shall not be made of see through or mesh materials.  

  • Shorts/skirts will be worn no more than three inches above the knees and must fit appropriately. 

  • If leggings are worn, tops/skirts must be no shorter than the end of finger tips when arms are held straight.  

  • Jeggings (stretched jeans with pockets) may be worn with tops that do not exhibit midriffs, belly buttons, lower backs, or revealing necklines. 

  • No cut-off jean shorts are allowed.  

  • No holes (revealing skin or undergarments) will be allowed in pants or shorts three inches above the knee. If holes exist above the knees, tights or bike shorts must be worn underneath—no visible skin.

The consequences for violation of the dress code will be listed on the school behavior rubric





Welcome to 4th Grade




Upcoming Events:

August 25: STEM LAB 

September 1st: 1:00 Dismissal

September 4th: No School

September 7th: Open House  3:15-6:15 

September 29: Students dismiss at 1:00.

October 2-6: Fall Break No School 















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