Julie Souder

4th Grade Math Teacher

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What's Happening in Fourth Grade Math?

Homework Week of Nov. 27 - Dec. 1: 


Monday -

Tuesday - 


Wednesday - 

Thursday - Timed Test on 5s Multiplication Facts

Friday -



Math Objectives for this week of school: 



Convert customary units of length, weight, and capacity measurement from one unit to another unit.


Establish a relationship between multiplication and division.


Review basic division facts.


Use manipulatives to model a 2-digit dividend divided by a 2-digit divisor.


Use area models to divide a 2-digit dividend by a 2-digit divisor.


Use the standard algorithm to divide a 2-digit dividend by a 2-digit divisor.







Bachelor Degree:  Maryville College

Master's Degree in Administration & Supervision: 

Lincoln Memorial University



Intermediate Multiage, Alcoa Elementary, 1992-1997

8th Grade Science, NGS, 1997-2000

4th Grade Math: 2000-present


4th Grade Dress Code:

Grades 3-8: Shirts and blouses must have sleeves and should fit appropriately (not excessively oversized). Extremely low or revealing necklines will not be permitted, and midriffs, belly buttons, and lower backs must be covered. Clothing shall not be made of see through or mesh materials. Students must wear proper undergarments that are not visible.

Shorts/skirts will be worn at or below the knees and must fit appropriately, if leggings are worn, tops/skirts must be worn at finger tip length. No cut-off jean shorts are allowed. No holes (revealing skin or undergarments) will be allowed in pants or shorts above the knee. If holes exist, tights must be worn underneath-no visible skin. 

The consequences for violation of the dress codes will be the same as the consequences for violation of other general school rules.






















Upcoming Dates to Remember:


November 21 - Students dismissed at 1:00


November 22 to 24 - Thanksgiving Break


November 30 - Timed Test on 5s Multiplication Facts


December 15 - Students dismissed at 10:00 AM


December 16 to January 2 - Christmas Break


January 3 - Return from Christmas Break