Lisa Ivey

Fourth Grade Social Studies Teacher

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Courses Taught:

Fourth Grade Social Studies

Lisa Ivey


Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from Tusculum College

Master's Degree in Curriculum & Instruction from Carson-Newman University

Homeroom & Supply List

    Mrs. Ivey's Homeroom


    Ariel A.

    Kara B.

    Haruto C.

    Chael C.

    Theo F.

    Kylar G.

    Brantley H.

    Elle K.

    Madilyn L.

    Averley M.

    Madison M.

    Azeriyah P.

    Dreshaun P.

    Makennah R.

    Emmalyn S.

    Brody T.

    Aubree W.



    Fourth Grade Supply List

    Your child will need the following:

    • Fifteen dollar supply fee (this will cover necessary items the students will need throughout the year) Please make checks payable to Newport Grammar 

    • 1.5” or 2” three ring binder

    • two packs of pencils for your homeroom

    • several pencils for yourself

    • cheap earbuds

    • 10 glue sticks

    • one box of tissues

    • three containers of cleaning wipes (such as Clorox Wipes)

    • one pack of paper towels

    • one box of plastic storage bags (such as Ziplock)

    Boys- will need to bring gallon size bags

    Girls- will need to bring quart size bags

    • one box of Band-Aids

    • disinfectant spray (such as Lysol)

    • one bottle of waterless hand sanitizer (such as Germ-X)

    Supplies needed by Subject

    Lang  Language Arts- 1 Composition Notebook (100 sheets)

    ScienScience- 1 Composition Notebook (100 sheets)

    SociaSocial Studies- 1 Composition Notebook (100 sheets) 


    We look forward to meeting you next year!

    Dress Code:

    ALL STUDENTS:  Clothing shall be clean and neat in appearance.  

    • No clothing with offensive, vulgar, or violent language or logos will be permitted. 

    • Shoes must be worn at all times. Athletic shoes must be worn on gym day. 

    • No caps, hats, visors, or other headgear shall be worn unless a special day has been designated, there are cultural considerations, or special circumstances exist.

    • Students will remove heavy outerwear when they arrive at their classrooms. Lightweight sweaters and jackets may be worn over shirts or blouses during cold weather.

    • Pants must be worn at the natural waistline and should not be excessively baggy or touch the floor.  

    • Pajama pants are only allowed on special dress-up days.

    • Students must wear proper undergarments that are not visible.

    • No offensive jewelry is permitted.

    • No body piercing shall be visible except for ears. In addition, tattoos must be covered.  

    • Student’s hair will be neat and clean - No dyed (permanent or temporary) hair, offensive colors or hairstyles, which are disruptive to the learning environment, unless documented as culturally relevant.

    GRADES 4-8:  

    • Shirts and blouses must fit appropriately (not excessively oversized.)  Extremely low or revealing necklines will not be permitted, and midriffs, belly buttons, and lower backs must be covered.  

    • Clothing shall not be made of see through or mesh materials.  

    • Shorts/skirts will be worn no more than three inches above the knees and must fit appropriately. 

    • If leggings are worn, tops/skirts must be no shorter than the end of finger tips when arms are held straight.  

    • Jeggings (stretched jeans with pockets) may be worn with tops that do not exhibit midriffs, belly buttons, lower backs, or revealing necklines. 

    • No cut-off jean shorts are allowed.  

    • No holes (revealing skin or undergarments) will be allowed in pants or shorts three inches above the knee. If holes exist above the knees, tights or bike shorts must be worn underneath—no visible skin.

    The consequences for violation of the dress code will be listed on the school behavior rubric







    This week we are learning about the Major Battles and Women of the American Revolution.

    Unit: The American Revolution

    Vocabulary words for Chapter Five: Black Regiment, bombard, Loyalists, militia, Minutemen, Patriots, Redcoats, topography, Tories, turning point


    Wed. Oct. 25- Chapter 5 Voc. Quiz. Chapter 5 Test. Study guide due with parent signature. 

    Thursday Oct. 26- Field Trip to Echo Valley

    Upcoming Events:

    Nov. 2 Parent Teacher Conferences

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